The latest product from ACTIVE RELEAF. The WELLNESS Spray is an effective and convenient alternative to Capsules or Tinctures. 10ML inside, The versatile sprays are best taken sublingually, held under the tongue for 30 seconds before it is swallowed. Leaving it to sit under the tongue allows the spray to be rapidly absorbed via the blood vessels under the tongue rather than via the digestive tract. Our WELLNESS SPRAY are designed as an on-the-go approach used as a daily supplement to help improve overall health & wellness.

May also assist in supporting…

• inflammation

• sleeping problems

• headaches or migranes • joint pain

• sore muscles

• digestive issues

• symptoms of anxiety


Spray 3 full sprays (approximately, 12mg of Cannabinoids) into mouth, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, 2-3 times daily or as needed. Each spray contains approximately 4mg of cannabinoids.





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