This is Bob. Bob thinks he’s pretty damned good and very well priced. Top-notch distillate and terpenes. That’s it. That’s all. What you see is what you get. Also, Bob stuffs .6g of product into these .5g cartridges too. Because value. Use Bob Refill Cartridges for your Bob Vape Pen when you need more juice.


One thing that Bob knows is no one likes unnecessary additives, and they have made sure that are completely PG, VG, PEG and MCT oil free. Each cartridge contains top-notch distillates and terpenes, containing 600mg of pure THC made from BC Bud, nothing else.


Bob’s THC Distillate Cartridges are 510 universal thread and will work with different vape pen brands such as LiT, Keyy, Flyte, Pure Pull, etc…

If you need the whole kit, check out Bob’s Vape Kit


Currently in 9 Flavours:

Blu Berri Indica

Blue Dream Hybrid

Bob’s Widow (White Widow) Sativa

Clem Entime Hybrid

Death Bubba Indica Hybrid

Jill Ahto (Gelato) Hybrid

Pin Diesel (Pineapple-Diesel) Hybrid

Skittlez Indica Hybrid

Water Melon Hybrid





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