Cactus Breath is a monstrous indica strain with a whopping THC concentration and flavourful aroma and taste. The name comes from its’ star-studded family tree, being a cross between Cactus and Mendo Breath. Cactus is an indica painkiller that was conceived by crossing an Afghani landrace with Northern Lights that was specifically selected to cross with Mendo Breath to create a strain with a blissful, euphoric high that also still maintained the relaxing and soothing qualities of most indica or OG Kush family strains. Cactus Breath is known for its outstanding THC concentration of 33%. As a result of these higher THC levels, the high of Cactus Breath is extremely intense and effective when used medicinally. Prepare for unexpected bursts of energy, waves of happiness and an uncontrollable case of the giggles.


Cactus buds are conic with knobby formations and emit an organic earthy aroma with citrus notes. This strain is known to be an adept painkiller, providing relief to aches and sore muscles as well as spasms and anxiety. Many describe Cactus as having uplifting, energizing effects. It has become a popular staple among the connoisseurs of Seattle, and was among the first place winners in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup.


1 GR, 3.5 GR, 7 GR, 14 GR, 28 GR


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