All These edibles mix n match




while supplies last




HERBIVORES – Watermelon Slices 6x25mg


HERBIVORES – Buzzy Peaches 6x25mg


HERBIVORES – Sour Pack 6x25mg


HERBIVORES – Sour Keys 6x25mg


DAMES – Mango 10x20mg


DAMES – Grapefruit 10x20mg


DAMES – Mango 10x20mg


DAMES – Green Apple 10x20mg


DAMES – Pina Colada 10x20mg


DAMES – Pineapple 10x20mg


DAMES – Mango 10x20mg


DAMES – Watermelon 10x20mg


DAMES – Orange 10x20mg


BONAFIDE – Indica Stars 30x10mg


BONAFIDE – Hybrid Party Pack 30x10mg


BONAFIDE – Sativa Watermelon Cubes 30x10mg




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