Primero, originating from Morocco (seems like the place for a lot of these amazing hash bricks), darker in color this indica hash is famous for its potent effects, exemplary texture and taste. The exterior of the hash itself is hard and sticky with a shiny sheen, and when broken exposes a fluffy and moist caramel mocha interior. Gives off a very unique and almost unsettling blast of ripe and pungent dried fruits, with an acrid demi-glace of coffee beans. Ridiculously unique to the point where you start sweating wanting to try this stuff out. Delectable and clean, with a silky smooth white ash and thick plumes of crisp rotting fruit and sharp dark cacao with a sweet vanilla that ties it together on the exhale. Almost has a spicy bell pepper aftertaste, sweet yet spicy. The effects start right in your temple, pushing out feelings of dread, anxiety, and depression while quickly filling your mental tank with 91 octane good vibes only. The elevation quickly transforms into a heavy sedation and body stone which tapers off into mental fog and heavy relaxation. Perfect for afternoons/evenings, or before bed.


Crammed in every nook and cranny in a traveller’s suitcase, these hash bricks made it across the turbulent seas and onto our fine piers to deliver a smooth and flavorful taste and pleasantly uplifting cheer.


Hashish is simply the waxy product formed when the cannabis trichomes (resin glands) are concentrated and compacted into a solid block. As well as cannabinoids, hash also contains small amounts of plant material and plenty of terpenes which help give the distinctive hash taste. The regions where the hash is made will play heavily in how it will taste, smoke, and ultimately affect you. This makes for an amazing search for unique hash terpenes from delectable imported strains and even high tech domestic hashish (like bubble hash!).


1 GR


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